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Styled System


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The @primer/styled-octicons package wraps icon components from @primer/octicons-react with system props, making them easier to style in projects that use styled system—like Primer React.


npm install @primer/styled-octicons


@primer/styled-octicons exports each icons as a named export. This allows you to import only the icons you need:

import {AlertIcon} from '@primer/styled-octicons'
export () => (
<AlertIcon color="red.6" mr={2} />

System props

All icon components in @primer/styled-octicons get color and space system props as well as the sx prop. Read the Primer React System Props documentation for a full list of available props.


In addition to system props, icon components in @primer/styled-octicons accept the same props as components in @primer/octicons-react:

aria-labelStringSets the aria-label attribute of the <svg>. If no aria-label is defined, aria-hidden will be set to true.
classNameStringSets the class attribute on the <svg>.
sizeNumber | "small" | "medium" | "large"16The height of the icon. Width will be scaled proportionally.
verticalAlign"middle" | "text-bottom" | "text-top" | "top" | "unset""text-bottom"The vertical alignment of the <svg>.